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Mike Mrowicki

Progress, with Justice.

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a strong, healthy Vermont, with an Economy that works for all, not just an elite few.

Looking for Help? If you need help with food, shelter, medical care, transportation, etc. call; 2-1-1

Locally, the State of Vermont

Ecomomic Services can help with short and long term assistance and can be reached at


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If you need help with a legislative concern or help with getting an answer from State Government, feel free to call me at 802-387-8787

Here's a link to an interview with Rep. Copeland -Hanzas, Chair of House Government Operaions Commiteee, and also Co-chair of the Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus


Rain, Rain Go Away...

       With July having dumped 18 inches of rain locally, the flooding shouldnt be a suroprise to anyove, given how saturated the groud was. That we lost as many raods and driveways was somewhat surpising, reminding us of the need to "build back better...and bigger". Bigger culverts, drain ditches etc.will be needed, if indeed, this is our "new normal, from Climate Change.

Please note, if your property recieved storm damage, call 211, to report it. If theaccumlative damage reaches the FEMA threashold Vermont can request an Emergnecy delcaration and receive fedral funds. Most of those funds will go to town roads, but there may be a possiblitly that some can go to help defray the costs of private damage. The important thing first, is to report the damage. Stay tuned.

Please turn to the Legislative Update page for reports on the 2021 session.

Also,Please also feel free to be in touch with questions, suggestions or requests for help, esepcially if you're experiencing problems with food, shelter, health care or safety- or any problem thatfor which  you just don't know where to turn.

I can try and find ways to find help or cut through the red tape that might be holding up vital ssitance for you and your family.

email:   Phone 802-387-8787

Here's a link to the January Monthly Online Community Meeting with 

Rep. Mike Mrowicki and Rep. Michelle BosLun with special guest,

Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas,

Co-Chair of the Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus