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Progress with Justice, moving Vermont forward

Are we going to move Vermont forward or go back ?

I'll be working to keep  moving forward especially with the Rights of Women to get the medical care they need when they need it.

This is Vermont, not Texas and if a woman is bleeding out and needs medical care we will not turn her away from hospitals and make her go out of state for care.

And this is not Ohio where a 10 year old who was raped and impregnated does not have to go out of state for medical care.

I will work to keep Vermont safe for woman and keep the laws we’ve passed that ensure Reproductive Rights.

We will not go back.

We can do this.

Want Lower Taxes? Let's Reform Our Tax Structure...

As we struggle to pay our bills, including property tax bills, there is a cohort of millionaires and corporations that pay little or no tax beauseof theTrump tax cuts.

They pay less so we pay more .

That has to change.

It’s time to level the playing field and address income inequality with tax policy that asks those who can pay more to do that.

It is time we walk the talk on a cleaner environment because we have helped create an An Angry Unpredictable Climate that can lash out at any time and do damage.

It’s time we walk the talk and take the steps to stop our addiction to fossil fuels and stop adding carbon to our air.

Our climate is on fire and we keep throwing more fuel on that fire .

And it’s time to make Big Oil pay.

We passed the bill to make Big Oil pay because they’ve known for 40 years what gas and oil would do to the environment just like tobacco producers knew the harm tobacco would do. They must be held responsible.

They must be brought to justice and I will keep working to do that.

We can’t go back to and let Big Oil tell us what to do but time for us to tell Big Oil we want a cleaner future to leave our kids and grandkids.

It’s time and we can do this.

We can do this!

"Thank you for the honor and opportunity to serve you in the Vermont House of Representatives. It is rewarding and humbling to represent the fine folks of the Windham 4 District of Putney and Dummerston.

Vermont is the best place I know to live, work, raise a family in and retire to- and I will keep working hard to keep Vermont that special place. A place that works for everyone , not just an elite few and leaves no one behind.

Under the banner of Progress with Justice, I believe ion the words"...and Justice for All- No Exceptions!".  I'll keep working  to help bring about a better today and brighter tomorrow for Vermonters- all Vermonters. -