Climate Justice

Climate Change is real, it's here and must be addressed if we are to leave this planet in better shape for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

As a member of the Legisaltive Climate Solutions Caucus, I was glad to be part of the effort that passed the Global Warming Solutions Act- and overode the Governors veto.

GWSA will develop a long-needed plan to pull together the efforts to reduce carbon and set the goals we need to reach and hold us to meeting those goals.

A next step is getting the Governor to sign on to the Trasmportation Climate Initiative, a multi-state collaboration (details at

Transportation is one of the largest contributors to Vermont's carbon footprint. TCI will give us the resources to support clean trasnpoirtation and create a statewide Public Transit System.

Claiate Actions have been and can be a great Economic Driver.  The EConomy of the Fuure is Clean and Green  with jobs in Conservation, Efficiency, Renewables and Alternative Fuels.

The future is now for Carbon Reduction.